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Terms & Conditions


Creative Freedom

For me, the moment of designing is an opportunity to create something unique for each one of my clients. For that reason, I ask all my clients to give me artistic freedom. I myself have been on your shoes many times, giving my trust to another tattoo artist, yet having some non negotiable elements (e.g  a date, a specific style or object). If you have any non negotiable element, please let me know in advance by telling me in the description when you submit your inquire.

You'll be able to see the design the day of the appointment, and after your feedback we'll start tattooing or make any change if there’s need to. This is normal.


I require a $200-300 non-refundable deposit to book an appointment. For medium to large size projects, half goes to designing hours and the other half to the tattoo final cost (this applies only on the first session). If by any chance you need to reschedule, you may contact me through email with more than 48h of anticipation and we'll look for a new date that works for both of us.

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