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As a young artist, I have always admired art for being a limitless form of expression and has been an escape since my first drawing and painting classes in 1997. My first approach to the tattoo world was in 2007 in Bogotá Tattoo (Colombia) where I got my first tattoo and where, 10 years and a degree in Business Administration later, I became a tattoo apprentice under Mario Rivera Lombardi’s guidance and expertise. For 2 years I was influenced by Traditional American and Japanese styles which contributed to my strong foundation in tattooing, but ultimately, my interest and focus evolved into the Neo-traditional and Realism styles, as well as my oil and acrylic paintings. Since my arrival to the US in 2019, I have worked in various well-known tattoo studios, where I had the opportunity to further improve my skills in: fine line, micro-realism and realism tattoos. The last shop I worked at was Equilattera (Miami), an internationally recognized studio known for receiving talented guest artists from all around the world, and where I have continued to strengthen my skills and grow as a tattoo artist. At this moment I'm doing guest spots around the USA, looking to expand my knowledge and clientele. My results are constantly evolving. As I built my personal style, I am committed and dedicated to improving my artistic techniques, not only in tattoos but in other art expressions. My priority are my clients and I approach each project with high enthusiasm and passion, no matter what it is.

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